Abaddon Incarnate - Burn With The Sun God

such a force, cannot sleep long, for ıt will become.
subverted rage of nuclear fission, carries the sleeping ghost of wrath.
spawning the sunlit rotting corpse boiling thirst and arid death
ıt came to me through a thousand dreams fragmented from the void
the amalgamation of a billion phobias, burning, yet unnameable.

we met ınside the veins of quartz, running through ancient stone
frozen and thawed throughout millenia, give manifest a tetrahedron

ıt rose up from that dormant seed asleep within my heart
lighting a lamp of shadows clothing my mind with a cloak of dark
an ancient voice of rust and dust spoke a mighty curse
my body becomes a nova, tuning the black to white heat

ı am the sun, your solar dream, the source of light ın the void of night,
a bringer of life or a nuclear death, a storm of fire, sun god!

creation has rejected me ın favour of a lie
ı shall send a tongue of fire to cleanse the earth of life
my temples lay fallen ın favour of synagogue, church and mosque
the sun god ıs vengeful god and shall not be forgot

remember the cult, the cult of the sun god!
embrace the burning, burn with the sun god!